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Arborist Reports

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Arborist reports are another service that is generally provided by a tree removal company. They may also be provided by arborists that work on their own, independent of the removal companies in your area. However, in order for the reports that are filed to be official, the person who performs the arborist report examination and prepares the final report itself must be a licensed arborist. Be sure to ask your arborist for his or her qualifications to ensure that you are working with a professional.

There are many different reasons why you may need to schedule an arborist report. For example, you may think that a tree that is located on your property has become infested with pests, or is sick with a disease. You may also know that the tree has been damaged by a recent storm, and you are trying to determine whether or not it is healthy enough to remain standing. An arborist report can provide you with this information.

If you are selling your home or other property and a prospective buyer becomes concerned that the trees on the property could pose a safety risk, you will need to have an arborist report written up that details any of the potential hazards and expenses related to those trees. You may also encounter the need for an arborist report if you want to redesign the landscape on your property, either to sell or to beautify for your own use.

When the arborist performs his or her inspection, he or she will thoroughly examine the tree and report on its:

Any visible problems it may have
Root structure
The report will also include information on any health or safety risks the tree may pose, and whether or not the tree is rotting, severely damaged, or infested with insects.

In some cases, a council might require an arborist report before a tree can be removed for any reason.

Spring Yard Clean Up

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It’s that time of year again to get the garden ready for a flush of growth in the spring. Many gardeners let the flowers and bushes go to seed in the fall, so the birds have something to scavenge over the winter. When spring comes it looks untidy. It also shades the ground and inhibits new seedlings.

Once the possibility of a hard freeze has passed, the first step is to remove debris, dead branches on the ground, fallen leaves and any mulch you used to protect plants against the cold.

Cut back those plants that require pruning in the spring. When the bushes start to break bud for new leaves, remove branches that are dead. You can tell because they won’t have any green fat buds on them. Dead branches are also a greyish brown.

Break up clods of earth in the beds caused by heaving during the winter. Rake level.

Once the weather has warmed up so the plants are actively growing, feed with water-soluble fertilizer per package direction. Don’t be in a rush to get that fertilizer on the plants if there’s any chance of frost. The fertilizer encourages new tender growth which requires quite a bit of energy from the plant. Frost kills off that new growth which stunts the plant’s growth, It will take longer to recover and start growing again.

Roses are in a class by themselves. Prune any dead wood and criss- crossed branches. Thin out weak branches. Open up the center of the rose bush for good air circulation. Most roses can be cut back to three to five branches that are 18 to 24 inches long.

As the weather warms up keep an eye out for powdery mildew on the plant’s leaves and buds. There are commercial products available to get rid of this fungus. However, a good home remedy is 1 tablespoon of baking soda to 9 tablespoons of water. Spray on the affected parts of the plant. Another remedy is milk. It doesn’t matter whether the milk is skim or full fat. Again use a ratio of 1 tablespoon of milk to 9 tablespoons of water and spray on the plant.

While you’re at it, give patio and garden furniture a good scrubbing with a mild soap. Rinse and let dry in the sunshine. Repair any loose webbing. If the furniture looks worn and tired, consider giving it a fresh coat of paint. Spray paint works well on outdoor furniture. Select the kind that works on your type of furniture. For example, not all paint sticks to plastic, so if you have plastic chairs, use the appropriate paint.

Tree Removal and Pruning Services by Qualified Arborists for Less.

The cost of tree removal by a qualified arborist can be on the expensive side and a little more than most can afford.

There are several ways you can save up to 50% off the price of tree services.

Below we will go through them.

Hire in the off season

Small businesses all have one thing in common. When they have a lot of work on they tend to charge more. When things are quiet, they reduce their prices to win more work.

One great way to reduce the cost of tree removal is to hire in the winter months.

With the same amount of arborist looking for work, and a reduction of 80% in workload, you are all but guaranteed a cheaper price.

Image result for Tree Removal and Pruning Services

Hire a gardener for smaller jobs

Tree services are best left jobs that are too big to handle by the local garden maintenance crew. But if you do have a hedging job or a tree pruning job for that matter that is smaller than a single story house (15 feet), I highly recommend you get a garden maintenance company to take care of it.

Why are they so much cheaper?

Tree service companies have minimum 80k+ in specialised heavy equipment to assist in the removal of large trees. They also have the extra overheads of public liability insurance and workers compensation insurance, which is a lot more expensive because of the line of work they are in.

One thing you can’t forget is they have studied for years to become a certified and licensed arborist capable of running a professional tree business and all of these overheads need to be added to the cost of removal.

Sell the firewood on eBay

Depending on the access to your property, it might be more cost effective to ask the tree services company to leave the firewood on site.

When you think about it, if there is no access for heavy equipment and they have to carry the tree piece by piece from you backyard to your front yard, then is will come close to doubling costs.

A cool way to get around this is as the arborist during the quoting process to just take away the branches and leave the logs cut into 12 inch long logs.

Ten you take a photo and post on eBay.

Not only will people pay good money for the firewood, they will also come and do the heavy lifting for free.

It’s really a win win!

Get quotes from the best priced local companies

Wait what?

Yes, as explained earlier, companies are always changing their prices depending on how much work they have on.

So how do you know who is cheap NOW… in real time?

Well you would waste your time by getting a quote from 20 different local tree services or…

You can request a quote though Ensahafriyat.

Ensahafriyat is a FREE service that matches homeowners with the best priced local tree services.

How do we know they are cheap now?

We get hundreds of quote requests a week and we send each customer 3 contractors who have been voted by previous customers as best priced.

The results are ever changing, but it allows us to keep our finger on the pulse of who is cheap and who is not, saving you time and a lot of money.

Just click here to get taken to our 2 minute form where you can tell us a little more about your tree job.

Once we receive your request, 3 companies will be notified and they will contact you ready to give you a competitive price for your tree removal or pruning job.

Tree and Trash Removal

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Got a problem? Is there a saggy sofa, a toppled tree-trunk, a canned carpet, or even a vanished vehicle (sorry about that, got carried away), cluttering your home, yard or driveway? Is your sanitation department unable to help you? Maintenance hasn’t got time for you either? You need the expert help of Tree and Trash Removal.

Take It Easy-The Right Way to Tree and Trash Removal
Don’t even think of doing this yourself. There’s just so much that could go wrong. You could pull a muscle, give yourself a hernia, or even get a slipped disk wrestling with your garbage. Even worse, one of your kids could get hurt. Come to that, they could get hurt if that trash is not disposed of fast. Why not let an expert take care of it?

If you live in the Los Angeles area of California, we can help you remove all your old trash, garbage, trees, and junk from your property, leaving your home just the way you want it. Beautiful and junk-free! We all have to deal with trash, rubbish, and junk. At least once a week we drag cans full of it out to the curb. We depend on our sanitation service to take care of it for us and for the most part, they do a great job.

A Touch Too Much Junk
Sometimes though, curbside trash removal isn’t enough. There are some kinds of trash the sanitation department just won’t take. Furniture, appliances, yard waste, and other junk will be sitting on your curb a long time if you expect the sanitation department to pick it up. So what do you do with all this trash? And what about that rotting tree in the front lawn? Who has the time to remove that?

Tree and Trash Removal At Your Service
Luckily for you, Tree and Trash Removal is here! If you live in the Los Angeles area, call us right away, and we’ll be right there to pick up your trash and dispose of it for you. We have a disposal and hauling service that can handle just about anything. If you’re suffering from:

Old appliances
Unwanted furniture
Rusting car parts
Brush and tree waste
Redundant fencing
Construction debris
Garbage, trash and miscellaneous junk
In fact, just about anything!

If you need junk removal, dirt removal tree removal or even concrete removal, there’s no time to waste. Waste! There I go again. You’ll be thrilled with our service. No job too big or too small for Tree and Trash Removal. Our staff will always attend to your problem with a smile. We may clear trash but our customers are precious gems!

You’ll Love What Tree and Trash Removal Can do For You
Tree and Trash Removal has been clearing people’s junk for them, beautifully and without any fuss or mess, for over ten years. You name it, and we’ve hauled it away for someone at some time or another in the Los Angeles area of California. Our prices are low, and our service is top notch. In fact we’re unmatched in our field! Contact us for a free, no-obligation consultation right away!

Demolition Methods and Process for Building Structures


Demolition means destruction, removal or breaking down of a structure by using pre-planned methods. The process of demolition involves five steps- surveying, removal of hazardous elements, preparation of plan and safety measures, to ensure a smooth and safe demolition process.

  1. Surveying- This involves the study of different areas of the construction and things surrounding the site. The two main types of surveys done are building surveying and structural surveying. Building surveying involves the inspection of construction material used, usage of the building, presence of hazardous materials, material made from toxic chemicals, flammable, explosive or radioactive materials, etc. The condition of drainage is also inspected in building surveying. Structural surveying involves the study of the method of construction of the building, condition of the basement or underground vaults and the condition of the building.
  2. Removal of hazardous materials- Hazardous materials like asbestos minerals, petroleum and radioactive metals are removed y specialized personals prior to the demolition.
  3. Preparation of demolition plan for structures- A detailed plan involving information about the location of the building, structural support systems of the building, a procedure for the demolition of the building, a plan for all the precautionary measure that should be taken, methods for handling the demolished building, and the time required is made.
  4. Safety measures are taken- Everyone on site during the demolition process such as the workers, engineers, site supervisors are briefed about the possible hazards in the site during the process of demolition. All flammable and hazardous materials are removed from the site and are taken care of. Suitable measure are taken to overcome the problems of dust, chemical exposure, heat stress, noise exposure, occupational diseases and sanitation facilities of workers. Have an a local electrician check that the power has been disconnected and made safe.




Demolition methods for buildings and other structures are of two main types, non-explosive demolition and explosive demolition.

  1. Non- explosive demolition method is the demolition of the structure which is done using different equipment, other than explosives. Some of the form of non-explosive demolition method are-
  • Sledge hammers- Typically used for demolition of a single wall or column.
  • Excavators and bulldozers- These are used for demolishing small buildings.
  • Wrecking balls—higher buildings which cannot be demolished by bulldozers are demolished using wrecking balls. A crane with a wrecking ball attached to it is pulled and released onto the building leaving that part of the building demolished.
  • High reach excavators are used for tall buildings which cannot be demolished using explosives.
  1. Explosive demolition methods include demolition of buildings using explosives. This explosion is mainly concentrated on structural support of the building such as the pillars or columns. The two types of explosive demolition methods are-
  • Falling like a tree– In this method, the building is made to fall side-wards, if there is enough free space available.
  • Falling into its own footprint- When there is no free space around the building, the explosives are set in the middle part of the building, causing the building to falls in the place it is standing.
  • Asbestos removal is an important consideration when surveying a building prior to any work. Experienced building experts should be used to provide a report before any work is started. Companies like Roofers Brisbane are skilled and capable of this work.
  • Pressure Cleaning and dust suppression to avoid contamination and damage to surrounding buildings, vehicles and structures. A survey of the local area should be undertaken to clean and remove any debris from the demolition.

What is Controlled Demolition?


Controlled demolition is a technique that includes bringing down buildings and structures in a sheltered, guided way with a specific end goal to accomplish the best timely outcomes. This kind of demolition is vital in light of the fact that safety is fundamental and as you can envision, destroying a building isn’t so easy and can be extremely risky.

Demolition is significantly more entangled than simply thumping a building down, in light of the fact that it should be done in stages, for greatest control and stability. Most structures can’t be brought down in one day, so when things are being destroyed, a building must be brought down in sections to guarantee that the remaining parts are as stable as could be expected under the circumstances.


Controlled demolition does not include the use of explosive demolitions, or non-explosive demolition techniques such as bulldozers or wrecking balls as these are much less efficient and unsafe procedures. The mess, dust and noise pollution from these methods are much lesser in the method of controlled demolition. The idea of controlled demolition has gained a lot of popularity among the masses of the construction industry due to this reason.

Different techniques of controlled demolition are-

  • Brokk Robotic demolition- This a technique that can be utilized off site with the use of a remote control. This hand held remote empowers the machine to do the dangerous work for us, so our engineers and workers on the site can avoid the falling rocks, concrete and general trash. Brokk Robotic demolition is precise, quick, efficient and can be moved into difficult to achieve regions – they can even climb up the storeys of the structures through the stairs! Brokk Robotic demolition is additionally environment-friendly in light of the fact that it gives off very little noise pollution and helps in diminishing the negative effect on the neighborhood laborers and natural life.
  • Diamond drilling- this method utilizes a rotating drill fixed diamond drill bit to make perfectly measured holes. Why utilize a diamond drill bit? Diamond is the hardest naturally forming material, which is the reason it’s a typical strategy utilized in this industry since it can drill through strong, resilient materials including concrete, glass and metal.
  • Hydraulic concrete bursting and crunching- the ‘bursting’ strategy is utilized to demolish huge concrete structures in a snappy and safe way. This works by putting hydraulic bursting heads into drilled holes, which at that point makes splitting forces up to a maximum of 500 tons with a specific end goal to split the material. When this is finished, the concrete at that point will be crunched. This strategy is also efficient and reduces wastage as the uncontaminated concrete left from this procedure is reused.
  • Dust contamination from asbestos or lead paint particles in old buildings is a risk to nearby personnel. Ensure correct breathing face masks are use when close to the site.



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