What is Controlled Demolition?

Controlled demolition is a technique that includes bringing down buildings and structures in a sheltered, guided way with a specific end goal to accomplish the best timely outcomes. This kind of demolition is vital in light of the fact that safety is fundamental and as you can envision, destroying a building isn’t so easy and can be extremely risky.

Demolition is significantly more entangled than simply thumping a building down, in light of the fact that it should be done in stages, for greatest control and stability. Most structures can’t be brought down in one day, so when things are being destroyed, a building must be brought down in sections to guarantee that the remaining parts are as stable as could be expected under the circumstances.


Controlled demolition does not include the use of explosive demolitions, or non-explosive demolition techniques such as bulldozers or wrecking balls as these are much less efficient and unsafe procedures. The mess, dust and noise pollution from these methods are much lesser in the method of controlled demolition. The idea of controlled demolition has gained a lot of popularity among the masses of the construction industry due to this reason.

Different techniques of controlled demolition are-

  • Brokk Robotic demolition- This a technique that can be utilized off site with the use of a remote control. This hand held remote empowers the machine to do the dangerous work for us, so our engineers and workers on the site can avoid the falling rocks, concrete and general trash. Brokk Robotic demolition is precise, quick, efficient and can be moved into difficult to achieve regions – they can even climb up the storeys of the structures through the stairs! Brokk Robotic demolition is additionally environment-friendly in light of the fact that it gives off very little noise pollution and helps in diminishing the negative effect on the neighborhood laborers and natural life.
  • Diamond drilling- this method utilizes a rotating drill fixed diamond drill bit to make perfectly measured holes. Why utilize a diamond drill bit? Diamond is the hardest naturally forming material, which is the reason it’s a typical strategy utilized in this industry since it can drill through strong, resilient materials including concrete, glass and metal.
  • Hydraulic concrete bursting and crunching- the ‘bursting’ strategy is utilized to demolish huge concrete structures in a snappy and safe way. This works by putting hydraulic bursting heads into drilled holes, which at that point makes splitting forces up to a maximum of 500 tons with a specific end goal to split the material. When this is finished, the concrete at that point will be crunched. This strategy is also efficient and reduces wastage as the uncontaminated concrete left from this procedure is reused.
  • Dust contamination from asbestos or lead paint particles in old buildings is a risk to nearby personnel. Ensure correct breathing face masks are use when close to the site.